Final score: Sopron-Aqvital FC Csákvár 2-0 (2-0)

Feltoltve: 2014.október 20

By: jozsef.gelei

Updloaded: 18 October 2014


Our team is to play today at 17:00 o’ clock in the 10th round of NBII in. Please find the on-line report of the match as follows:

Soproni VSE GYSEV-Aqvital FC Csákvár 2-0 (2-0)

Sopron, 1100 spectators, referee: Molnár Attila (Kepe, Kulmann)

Sopron: Halasi – Csábi, Baranyai, Bobál D., Pados – Pintér, Erdélyi (Horváth A., 58.), Deme – Kovács Á., Horváth P. (Szabó L., 58.), Eszlátyi (Pető, 84.). Szakmai igazgató: Supka Attila.

Csákvár: Szabó B. – Ambrus, Hajdú Sötét, Köntös – Kocsis – Molnár T. (Horváth R., 76.), Bakos, Domján, Molnár Cs. (Dulló, a szünetben) – Mihály (Gajdos, 67.). Vezetőedző: Toldi Gábor.

2’: Molnár Tibor tries shooting on goal but shoots to the Hands of Halasi from a squeezed situation.

7’: Horváth Péter turns off his defender but his shot ends up wide of the goal.

10’: It has been hot: Eszlátyi twists the ball on goal, Erdélyi heels it from a step and the ball drops just wide of the goal.

12’: Molnár Tibor’ crossing is shot by Mihály from 7 meters on goal but Bobál managed to block.

15’: Bakos’ 25 meters shot is wide of the Sopron goal.

20’: Goal and we get a player short. Hajdú gets rounded by Horváth Péter inside the box; our defender pulls down the striker, for which red card is shown right away. Deme scores the penalty in the middle of the goal, 1-0.

23’: Eszlátyi’s corner is headed on goal by Kovács Ádám but Szabó Balázs managed to save.

26’: Horváth Péter bombs wide of the goal from the left wing.

34’: Mihály shuffles the defence of Sopron and then tries to twist the ball into the far side of the goal from 14 meters but Halasi was awake and saved.

35’: Eszlátyi again with a corner kick, his crossing is slipped by Bobál wide of the right corner.

39’: Molnár Csaba’ big shot is securely saved by Halasi.

41’: Referee could have given a penalty for this as well: Molnár Tibor fells off in suspicious circumstances inside the Sopron box but the referee saw no reason to whistle.

43’: Kovács Ádám shoots into the right lower corner from the left corner of the box, 2-0.

45’: End of the first half.

We did not start the game bad, we played cleverly, balanced, but Hajdú Sándor’ red card and the scored penalty defined the way the match was carried on.

46’: Second half is started. Toldi Gábor decided to substitute in the break, Molnár Csaba was replaced by Dulló Martin.

47’: Molnár Tibor’s 20 meters shot gets just wide of the left corner of Halasi’s goal.

48’: Bakos lifts into the penalty area but the home defenders manages to clear from Sötét to corner.

We push the first period of the second half very much, we play well but no serious chance has been created so far.

52’: Bakos’s 25 meters great shot is saved by Halasi.

56’: Eszlátyi’s corner crossing is headed by Horváth Péter from a short distance over the bar.

58’: Double substitution on the home side: Horváth A. replaces Erdélyi, while Szabó L. arrives in place of Horváth Péter.

63’: Szabó László tries with a shot, poor trial, Sötét block it easily.

67’: Mihály Dávid is replaced by Gajdos.

68’: Sopron endangers again from a corner kick: Eszlátyi’s corner gets headed by Baranyai over the bar.

76’: Molnár Tibor gets substituted by Horváth Roland .

79’: Szabó László’s free kick leaves the pitch over the bar.

82’: Bakos’s free kick gets headed by Bobál to corner from the Csákvár forwards bursting in.

84’: Supka Attila uses up his third substitution: Eszlátyi is replaced by Pető.

The referee whistles: end of the match.

Painfully losing the game of “six points”: although we did not play bad in the field, we were just not able to score, while the home team took their advantage of playing with a player more. The Sopron’s almost blunt type of play did not taste well for our team, while the referee’s mistakes were mostly to our cost.

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